I am Elizabeth Louis


What does it mean to be invincible?

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re not talking about superhero invincibility. Don’t expect me to teach you how to stop a train with your body. I teach and coach individuals how to have an invincible mindset.

It’s our minds that are our greatest assets or worst teachers when it comes to business and life. I work with high achievers every day to level up, to close more deals, to ask for more and get more.

My clients’ secret weapon is their invincible mindset. In a high stakes negotiation, closing opportunity or the high risk nature of entrepreneurship, your mindset is everything. Science has proven that at least 80% of success is mindset, with 20% being application of skill. If you’re not achieving what you want, it’s a safe bet that your mindset is holding you back.

I coached a financial advisor increase his closing rate by 25%— bringing in $10-15million a month for his company. Another client, after one session, raised $1.3million for his real estate development firm.

That’s the exact reason I teach and coach high achievers my Invincible Mindset Method. My clients go from 70 or 80 percent of their potential to 90 percent or more. Each of my clients have very specific outcomes they seek. But the unifying characteristic is the hunger to go to the next level.

If that sounds like you, let’s connect. I host a 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit. The next step is to book an appointment by clicking here.

— Elizabeth

"Elizabeth is easy to work with.  She created a comfortable environment that allowed me to address my weaknesses.   Her system also helps you capitalize more effectively on your strengths.  I left each meeting with a concise actionable plan.  In just a few weeks my closing rate increased by 25% and her advice improved my relationship with my wife.  "

— Mike R.