Celebrate the Little Victories!

It’s time to celebrate. Are you celebrating? Are you celebrating the little successes of life? We usually only celebrate big victories but what I have found is most people don’t do a great job at that. If we can’t honor and appreciate the small victories how are we going to celebrate the big triumphs?

We are so caught up in moving to the next thing that we forget about what we just accomplished? We are obsessed with a "more" culture. Nothing is ever good enough it seems. Well guess what always wanting more and quantifying success by more will only make you feel more empty.

Focus on celebrating little successes. For instance, you know those days where everything goes wrong? Well, when you can maintain and keep your peace in those days - CELEBRATE IT!

When your spouse or your partner is in a grumpy mood, and you don’t allow their attitude to dictate your spirit have a quiet celebration with yourself about it.

When you are running late and just want a quit because you’d instead say “screw it” than be late, but choose to persevere anyways celebrate it.

We need to celebrate more. We need to make sure we are focusing more on praise, love, and joy. How do we do that? By celebrating more! Take the time to Honor and appreciate the moments that honestly matter.