The 1st Step to Identifying your Purpose

Identifying your purpose can be hard. Here's a short video to help you identify your purpose. It might sound silly, but when you can cut out all the noise it's easier to focus on what is important. 

You might not believe it's this simple but it is. In fact, if you don't believe this is the first step then you have nothing to lose. Try it. Figure out if it's easier to respond the opposite way of the world. See what responding with more love, grace, and forgiveness does for your psychology, emotions and physiology.

I would not be surprised if you found your life a touch more enjoyable. Besides, isn’t a touch more worth it?

What I can promise you is you will have more bandwidth. When we have more bandwidth we have more energy to identify and do the things that naturally bring us joy with ease. And, when we can do that we can truly begin doing the work to identify what it is that we are innately wired at doing, which means we can begin molding and shaping our purpose.

Only you can do what you were meant to do, but you will never find it following the ways of the world.