The Time is NOW!

There is no better time than right now. So many people wait for “the perfect time,” but when you wait for the perfect time you risk losing some beautiful opportunities, you may never get back.

The reality is when you wait to make that recipe after buying all the ingredients, or try that food that you are saving for the “right time” by the time you do get to it, you might be allergic to the ingredients, or the food could be expired.

When you wait to tell someone how you feel you might miss your opportunity. They could move, get sick, die, not like you anymore, or if it’s love fall for someone else.

If you wait to wear that perfect outfit because you aren’t ready to put it on or because your self-esteem is too low, by the time you do get the confidence it might be ruined from mouths, not fit our simply too outdated.

The point is if you wait for the “right” or “perfect” time to come you will always be waiting. Instead, choose to cultivate the best time to do things and make the best of it through your mindset.