If fear didn't exist...

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 What would you do or be doing if fear didn’t exist? 

Honestly, think about that for a second. Take some time and write down all the thoughts that are flooding your mind right now.

 What would you be doing if fear didn’t exist? Are you able to stay in that vision? Do you see it? Maybe it feels fantastic and magnificent. Perhaps the mental space of never experiencing fear is safe and free.

 What decisions would you be making? How would you even make your choices on what you want and do not want to do in life? How much more enhanced would your quality of life be? 

For me living fearlessly, allows my life to be tremendously more wonderful and majestic. In fact, for me, living without fear makes me feel as if I can do anything - that anything is possible. I am energized when I choose to live fearlessly. 

As a performance coach, I am consistently informed by my clients how fear stops them. My clients are always asking me how to live fearlessly. Sometimes my clients say it direct and blunt, while others say it without saying it. Meaning they have not yet done what they want to commit too. They keep finding excuses to not do what they desire to be doing. Yes, sometimes it could be because what they want to do is against their values. However, most of the time if we are not participating in the experiences we really are passionate and hungry to do, it is because we are operating with a spirit of fear. We are allowing fear to block us and encapsulate us from reaching our highest potential. When we operate in this kind of state of mind, we are limiting ourselves and others around us. 

Fear is an illusion. 

We allow fear to stop us, but we don’t have to nor do we need too. Fear is a choice just like Faith is a choice. 

I know this might sound simple, and maybe you are wondering well how do I apply this concept about fear? 

Well, think about it. Fear has to be a perception because everyone perceives fear differently. No two people have the EXACT same perception or experience as another. Everyone gives fear a different meaning - a different definition, and because we all have our own perception of what to fear, then there is really nothing to fear but the meaning we give fear. There are no universal fears. There are universal fear topics like Fear of failure, Fear of abandonment, fear of success, etc... but we all experience those fears differently based on our perceptions, our beliefs, and our experiences. 

 Some people are afraid of failure while others are afraid of being alone, and some even see being single as a failure. While others love being single. 

What cancels out fear?


You must have faith. You must believe, and you must trust. If you don’t have a spiritual source, I encourage you to get one now. 

Without faith, you have no hope and without hope how can you conquer fear? 

What I am saying here is you don’t have to continually battle with fear or fight against it. You can live a life without fear.

 Your ability to have faith MUST be stronger than your perception of fear, and you will not experience fear.

If you focus on how afraid you are - guess what that is what you will feel fear. However, if you focus on how much faith, gratitude, and joy you have then you will no longer be in a fearful state of mind. 

Those are two different sensations. Who doesn’t want to live fearlessly? Who doesn’t want to ever experience fear or feel they are struggling to succeed because their perception of fear is so big? 

What would you be doing if fear didn’t exist? Because whatever the answer to that is, is most likely what your true self – you’re authentic self is yearning to do. 

Lastly, to experience what I am saying, I want you to take a minute to imagine the activities you were doing as a child. Go back to age three or four. What were you doing? Were you like me who would get up on the living room table and sing and dance for your parents guest? Or, did you have an imagination that was unstoppable? What activities or state of mind were you experiencing that you no longer do because fear has gotten the best of you?

Go and do it today with faith, and CREATE a great day. 


CREATE a great day!

-Elizabeth Louis 

Elizabeth Louis