Three Tips for a Great Monday

The Case of the Mondays.jpg

Mondays might be rough for some of you! But, what if I told you they don’t have to be?

The weekend is over, and the anxiety of life might be hitting you. Perhaps, you are bombarded by the worries, concerns, procrastination, and obstacles that lay ahead of you this week. Maybe you can only see the cost and challenges of this week that are in front of you verse the grace, hope, and faith that surrounds you.

I once heard a man say he loved Sunday nights because that meant Monday morning he got to wake up and do what he loved to do. I was a child when I heard that belief — that you can wake up loving your job. I decided to adopt that mindset, of where I would wake up saying yes to the weekday. That’s what I do, but it wasn’t easy at first.

Instead of wasting bandwidth worrying, I got focused on finishing my day before I started my day.

#1 Always have a plan of action. A step by step plan that is achievable and won’t overwhelm you, but set you up for success.

I keep a success journal. What the success journal allows me to do is track all the activities and tasks I complete in a day that takes me one step closer to my ultimate goal. The success journal also allows me to maintain my focus and strategize what I need to do the next day too. I go to bed writing down all the steps I took that day and plan for tomorrow. That way when I wake up the following day, I know exactly what the day’s plan is.

#2. Remember, that anything is possible, and that idea you have that others are saying is impossible is just the individual showing you where his/her limiting beliefs are.

Don’t let others or even your limiting beliefs stop you from doing the impossible. Honestly, nothing is impossible. I am sure you might challenge me with some ideas, but the foundation of most all religions is this concept. Trust yourself and BELIEVE.

When I first started my business, it seemed like everyone volunteered their unsolicited opinion of what I should do and what I was doing wrong. Finally, after living in a suffering state of mind for one too many days too long, I decided I knew what was best for me. I decided to trust myself and believe in myself. I made up my mind to believe in the impossible, and I keep beating the odds because of that.

There have been plenty of successful individuals in the world who had succeeded when everything was against them. I believe they succeed because they trusted and were confident in themselves.

What will it take for you to believe in the impossible?


#3 Trust yourself.

If trusting yourself was as easy as writing it — we would probably live in a much different world.

You are the expert in your life. You know what you want, and if you don’t take some time to brainstorm. Unlock your inner wisdom by hiring a coach, and grow your self-awareness to where it is so loud you no longer need to look to the outside world for validation.

Not everyone will like your ideas, but if you like your ideas, it will be easier for you to live in a state of empowerment within yourself. When we are in a positive state of mind — feeling good about yourself, I promise, you will get more stuff done, more efficiently.

The question then is how do you not allow someone else’s opinions or will to impose on your ideas, hopes, and goals?

I wish I could tell you it was a simple mantra, but it’s not. It takes time, practice, and maturity to not feel bothered or have an internal confliction by someone else’s thoughts, ideas, or even will. However, it can be done.

Figure out your team of confidants. Find those people who you feel safe with, who you can bounce ideas off. I encourage everyone to have a coach on speed dial to help you realign yourself when you are getting in your way, have someone else getting in your way or when you are downright confused.

As a coach, when I hear people having an internal confliction or confusion regarding what to do, I tell them that they are in this state because they are working to appease the outside world’s opinion and not their own will.

Conflict inside of all ourselves occurs when we try to meet other peoples expectations and live in their model of the world.