Strategy will fail you

If you want to be successful, know that strategy will only take you so far.  You might be thinking I am crazy, but there is a more substantial component that will take you more than half the way to success. 

 Specifically speaking, strategy and application can only take you about 20% of the way. What's the remaining 80%? Well, that is your mindset.

 80% of success is mindset, and 20% is application.

 Your psychology is either your greatest strength or your greatest weakness. There is very little in between.

 Think about it for a second. How many times have you created an elaborate plan with step-by-step actions only to not do it at all? What made you not do your carefully thought out strategic plan or action plan? Your psychology! 

 You weren't ready in your head to pull the trigger or stay accountable. We all have done it. We all have had the best intentions of committing to that goal or incorporating that change into our world, but failed to do so because we didn't work on the most abundant component first - our perceptions.

Limiting beliefs stop success.

 You had too many limiting beliefs and paradigms that kept you from moving forward. Yes, you need a strategy, but if your mind is not right - no successful strategy will get you to where you want to be. Only your psychology - your mindset - can take you most of the way.

 It is easy to plan. It is even comfortable to create an action plan that will set you up for success, but it is more challenging and time consuming to work on your mindset.  Many people avoid working on their psychology because of how uncomfortable it can be. But, isn't failing to succeed even worse in the long run? 

 As a performance coach, I encourage all of my clients to work on their psychology before pulling the trigger on their strategic plan. The biggest reason we fail or stop succeeding is due to our psychology. However, when we spend time, energy, and effort working and improving our psychology, we achieve success more efficiently time and time again.

When we dedicate ourselves to working and recalibrating our psychology we avoid long plateaus and continue moving upward towards achieving our aspirations.

 Before you set out to create an action plan put your own and your companies psychology first. Make sure most of your limiting beliefs are abolished before you decided to pull the trigger on your action plan. As you go further with your goals, continue to work on your mindset. I promise by cultivating your self-awareness and working on your self-development you will go further in life than any strategy could ever take you.  

 Remember only about 8% of the population achieves their goals.

That means 92% of you are just kidding yourself or doing what I call mental masturbation. You know where you are pretending you are doing what you need to be doing in a day to succeed. There's a difference between being busy and taking steps forward on a linear path and being busy living on a merry-go-round.

The one thing that you will always need to grow and improve is your psychology, do not let it sit on the bench while you try to succeed, make it your quarterback.

 There has been numerous studies and articles about the power of an external coach and what coaches do for companies and individuals. If you or your company does not have one - hire one…TODAY.

If you start working on your mindset today, in a week you will be radically different than you are now.