What resources have you forgotten about?

More, more, more!

"More," an overused word in most peoples vocabulary. We always want more, and we always want the latest thing, and we want it now. However, we tend to forget what we already have. We seem to be unsatisfied or ungrateful for the resources, tools, and natural strengths we already have. It's easy to forget about the resources we currently possess that will help move us forward to the life or goals we hope to accomplish.

What resources do you already possess that you have forgotten about? How could you apply such resources to achieving the goal you are working towards?

It's natural and typical to forget about what is normal to you. Therefore, begs the question:

How do I recall what my resources are when I am not even aware of what they are?

Here are a few steps:

1. Quickly jot down all the resources that come to your mind

2. When you talk to people, what are something that you tell individuals that are common sense to you but are fascinating or new to them?

3. What comes naturally to you?

4. Take a look at your entire list, of everything you have gathered how do you use all of these resources together to move forward towards achieving your goal?

5. Make your action plan.

Remember when you make an action plan think about SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals. It's also better to take small, baby-step goals to move yourself forward as this will create activation which leads to momentum and long-term motivation. We are more likely to stop when we attempt lofty goals that are not more unlikely to successfully attain right off of jump street.