How might you get yourself off track?

Everybody is working to keep themselves ON track, which is brilliant. However, what are the ways you get yourself OFF track? When you have the self-awareness to identify when you are self-sabotaging or making choices to get yourself off track, you have a better chance at getting yourself on track. 

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Some common ways people get themselves off track is as follows:

  • Doubt, worry, fear, anxiety or what I call the Limbic Brain Loop

  • Unclear or unrealistic goals or expectations

  • Setting yourself up for failure by trying to do too much, instead of building monumental success by accomplishing little success to build that momentum.

  • Not changing your mental habits, but expecting to do life different

Of course, these are just a few ways the average individual falls off track. Many people have the “F*ck It” mentality, where if they have one bad day they simply just give up. Be persistent. Understand your boundaries. What makes you move forward and what makes you not move at all.

Take a few minutes to identify how you personally fall off track towards accomplishing your goals. What can you do to grow your awareness and make sure you discontinue participating in such habit?