What past memories are you unwilling to let go of?

The connection to our memories are stories that we tell ourselves on repeat and serve us in either a productive manner or a sabotaging manner. Essentially our stories either move us forward or keeping us from moving forward.

However, sometimes we find significance and meaning in painful memories. For instance, my childhood was one filled with tremendous trauma. One day I realized when I would tell people about my childhood story I was getting validation, security, justification, significance, and power from peoples reactions. I knew exactly how they would react when I would tell them the impossible victories I had overcome. When I realized the story of my past, the pains I had to endure, was one that was keeping me in bondage and preventing me from being my best. I chose to find significance and security elsewhere. Ask yourself, are you finding significance in painful memories?

Problems will hold you back. Solutions will launch you forward.

Yes, we all have memories that are wonderful to reminisce with, and those memories we should keep. It's the memories that are not serving us but are brining us false security or protection or perhaps even comfort we must let go of so we can move into our fullest potential.


Elizabeth LouisComment