Where are your unbeliefs blinding you?

Unbelief can blind us to so many wonderful and true realities. When we are blinded by the truth, hope has also been robbed from us. Without truth and hope we are setting ourselves up for failure and more suffering.

But, have no fear because beliefs are choices!

Remember unbelief and belief all come down to choices. You do get to choose what you believe. If you want to believe in something where you have unbelief start asking and believing for it. In time and with perseverance you will begin to believe. You must encourage and kindly remind yourself every day that you are consciously deciding to put your focus and beliefs over here and no longer over there.

The goal is to come out of agreement with your unbeliefs and into agreements with the beliefs you desire. How do you do this? By consciously choosing to move forward with those beliefs. Depending on how long your agreement has been with a belief will depend on how easy or difficult it is to change, but it can be done.

Elizabeth Louis