If you were at your best what would you be doing right now?

This powerful question is a compelling question for those days when we are not at our best. Let’s be honest as much as we wish they didn’t happen they happen.

When you are down, frustrated, annoyed or not feeling your best, remember this question. It is possible to bypass the hormonal and temporary feelings of now to do what you would be doing if you were at your best. When you feel like crap - ask yourself: If I was at my best what would I be doing?

I promise you will get a response. Your body and spirit self is so wise and will guide you into the correct actions. Trust yourself. Once you hear what you are supposed to do, go and do it.

It might be difficult at first, just because your mood may not match your activities, but give it time. Do what you would be doing if you were at your best for 20-minutes and if nothing changes in your mood then stop, otherwise, keep going.

Elizabeth Louis