I teach clients how to be invincible.

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The very first client I taught my Invincible Mindset Method was...myself.

I’m currently writing a memoir about my life but here are a few “highlights”:

  • I lost my father when I was a young girl

  • I ended up raising myself

  • I started my first company as a teenager

  • I’ve been homeless

  • I’ve been a professional model and actress

  • I was abused

  • I almost died


I don’t share this for sympathy but to simply express that my need to learn a new way of thinking was mandatory for survival. Later, I got my Master’s of Science in Coaching Psychology  along with multiple coaching accreditations.

I work with CEO’s, executives and high achievers because my clients and I share a similar DNA: an inner drive, an inner quest to make the very most out of our lives. My Invincible Mindset coaching was born out of my own need, then later shaped as I learned the science of mindset and proven strategies for building inner grit.

My clients apply my training to double their closing rates, 10X their investments, and lead others through times of growth and transition.

My coaching is confidential. Unless you want me to engage with your employees and teams, our work is private.

The very first step in working together is a 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit. Click here to book an appointment.

— E.


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Elizabeth "E." Louis is a results coach who helps people to live the life they desire. She holds a Master’s of Science in Positive Psychology with a sub-specialty in Coaching Psychology, and has three coaching certifications. E. leverages science-backed strategies for improving focus, drive, and inner strength. She works with executives, companies and "everyday warriors."  E. has truly lived the "warrior" spirit. She lost her father as a child, was homeless, and almost died. But she has turned tragedy and setbacks into triumph, and now teaches others how to do the same. E. is also a keynote speaker, a writer, and shares freely on her popular Facebook and Instagram channels. 


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